Community in the spotlight: Dutch Comic Con felt like coming home

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This week we would like to highlight someone from our community and in this article, Aäron van Leent will be in the spotlight. In this article, you can read about his experiences at Dutch Comic Con and what is he looking forward to the most of the event. Do you agree with Aäron? Tell us on social media!

Aaron went for the first time to Dutch comic con at the first edition ever in 2015. He was always a bit of an outsider because of his passions for the geeky stuff. For this reason, he directly became excited when he accidentally ended up at the Dutch Comic Con website.

‘’It felt like coming home’’ Aaron answered when we asked him about the first time, he went to comic con. “I was sixteen, and I was still finding out who I was. So, when I entered HDCC I finally felt like I belonged.’’ Aaron continued with explaining how it was a weekend packed with fun and new impressions. Consequently, at the end of the weekend he was completely exhausted. At the end of the day, it really made an impact on him: ‘’ It had such an impact on me that I was not alone in the Netherlands with these interests.’’ 

One of the best memories he has of HDCC was with our special guest Benedict Wong:

‘’ I walked to his tablet to ask him something, and we kept on talking for thirty minutes. That was such a wonderful experience.’’

However, the best memory he has of HDCC is from the cosplay contest in 2015. The competition was still a bit small and not well visited. At this competition, a cosplay duo entered who cos played mortal combat. This iconic intro song could not be absent, so when the first few tunes of the song started, the whole crowd went wild. At that moment I knew ‘’ These are definitely my kind of people.’’ The whole crowd felt like a family.

For the next edition, he looks forward to being able to talk to everyone and to see all the different generations of geeks: from young children to grandparents.

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