May the force be with you both! Mandalorion themed wedding at Heroes Dutch Comic Con

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This 10th anniversary of Heroes Dutch Comic Con will be even more special than ever because we’re hosting a Mandalorian themed wedding! And what’s more: you can be a part of this special day as well!

Today is the day we can finally announce the event that no Star Wars or Mandalorian fan should miss! Namely an actual Mandalorian wedding, which will take place on the Saturday of Heroes Dutch Comic Con. 



It’s the first time a Mandalorian or Star Wars themed wedding like this takes place in the Netherlands, which makes our 10th anniversary even more special. It is a real wedding, which has already been postponed since March, and which also has guests like friends and family.



The official ceremony will take place in the DCC College for these guests. Later the bridespair will be accompanied to the Main Stage by Clan Diryc Vhetin,  Dune Sea Base, R2builders, and Dutch Garrison. Here the ceremony will happen again, but this time in full cosplay. 


You have been invited to be a part of this very special wedding as well! Be sure to bring along your lightsaber on the 20th of November to take part in the honorary guard. Together you will light up the path for the newly weds into their bright future!


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