Anniversary edition of Heroes Dutch Comic Con postponed to 26th & 27th of March 2022

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The 10th anniversary of Heroes Dutch Comic Con which should have taken place on 20th & 21th of November 2021 has been postponed to March 26&27 2022. The past couple of days we have been working hard to meet the requirements of the COVID-19 regulations that were announced last Friday. We have made changes to the floorplan and have had a lot of conversations with multiple stakeholders including the Jaarbeurs and the City of Utrecht. However, the City Council has decided that we need to postpone Heroes Dutch Comic Con. This was beyond our control.

We as an organisation express deep compassion to all of you that we, once again, have to disappoint you with this news. We had very high hopes for this month’s Heroes Dutch Comic Con edition. All our artists were booked, tickets were sold out, the Dealer Hall was packed with amazing participants, and we had an unforgettable content program ready for you.

We know how much all of you have been looking forward to this event, as did we. However, we will have to be patient, as difficult as that may be. We want to thank you for your support. Despite these unfortunate circumstances, we hope to see you all again during the spring edition of Heroes Dutch Comic Con on the 26th and 27th of March 2022.

All ticketholders and exhibitors will be informed via email.

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