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Please read the weapon & prop regulations carefully. Note that you are responsible for your equipment and you’ll have to make your own examination if your weapon / prop meets our weapon & prop regulations. We are not able to review every single weapon / prop.

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Naruto Symphonic Experience

‘Naruto Symphonic Experience’ offers fans and manga lovers a unique opportunity to experience the adventure of young ninja Naruto Uzumaki in a new way. The audience will be introduced to Naruto, who along with other young ninja friends goes on a mission to protect his village and friends.

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SkyShowtime & Star Trek at Heroes Dutch Comic Con

Begin your journey through the Star Trek universe in the Experience Hall at Dutch Comic Con. Get an exclusive look at the iconic characters from Star Trek: Strange New Worlds and admire the Starfleet uniforms worn by Captain Kirk, Number One, and the original crew of the U.S.S Enterprise.

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