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Cosplay Village announcement: Cenikicosplay is coming to HDCC

We are Cenny and Anniek, a Dutch Cosplay couple. On Social Media you can find us as content creators under the name CenikiCosplay. We like to deal with all the different creative aspects that come with cosplay, creating, modeling, entertainment, but above all we enjoy the fun. Feel free to come by and have a chat with us!

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Imagine entering a world where magic comes to life, where you can immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere of wizards and witches, while learning to make cocktails in a magical way. Welcome to Elixer Room, where dreams come true and where you can have an unforgettable experience during the Wizzarding Potions Cocktail Making Class.

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FUNKO Dutch Comic Con Exclusives

As you are used to by now, Intertoys will bring a cool new lineup of Funko x Dutch Comic Con Exclusives to this Winter Edition as well! The exclusives will be available in limited quantities on both days. You can find the Intertoys stand in the Experience Hall! And for this edition as well, there is a special Dutch Comic Con Exclusive that can only be found in the VIP Goodie Bags!

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Wanted: Heroes!

Up for a special behind the scenes at Heroes Dutch Comic Con? We’re looking for extras in Cosplay on Friday November 17th! Attendees will be one of the first to see the cinema film when it is ready… in the presence of the cast!

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Heroes Dutch Comic Con DnD mini!

At Heroes Dutch Comic Con, VIPs can once again look forward to a special surprise in their goodie bag: a unique Loxodon miniature! But this is where the adventure truly begins. This Loxodon is waiting for your personal touch, which means: adding color!

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